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Tarantula As a Pet

Friend of mine got a Tarantula as his pet. It is Grammostola pulchripes, a species from South America which has bright yellowish leg stripes, dark black “femurs”, and pink hairs all over its body. It is a big tarantula, being able to grow up to 8.5 inches (20–22 cm). It’s also known as Chaco golden knee.

The Chaco golden knee is a very calm and docile tarantula, which, along with its striking appearance and large size, makes it an attractive pet, especially for beginners. Despite its docile attitude, it is an aggressive eater, furthering its appeal. It frequently sits in plain view in captivity, and likes to shove substrate around, especially at young ages. Females can live for well over twenty years, while males only live for about five or six years. The tarantula must periodically molt its exoskeleton to grow larger, and it is vulnerable during this time. This can happen every few weeks for newborn spiderlings or every few years for large adults. Warmer temperatures and increased food can speed up the frequency of molts.

Image taken with Sony A6400 7Artisans 60mm F2.8 Macro

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