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  • What’s Matter in Your Life

    As human beings, we are naturally driven to build, create, or advance something, setting goals for ourselves in the process. These goals can be either personal or beneficial to others, but it’s important to note that personal goals are often short-lived and unsustainable. Once they are achieved, we may struggle to find a new sense […]

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  • The Fairytale of Us

    The Fairytale of Us

    Life is full of unexpected surprises, and I never could have predicted that I would find her, whom I would entrust my heart to. In this article, I want to chronicle the milestones we have achieved in our relationship and to reflect on the past half year with my partner. As I write this piece, we have been together for 9 months since our first meeting, 5 months since we began our friendship, and 2 weeks since she agreed to take our relationship to a more serious level.

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  • 2022, Challenging yet Fun!

    2022, Challenging yet Fun!

    Overview In this article, I want to share some of my key milestone from 3 different aspects that happened this year, where I believe those highlights are the significant factor that support me to reach where I am today. Those aspects are: social, working life, hobby. After 2 years of “new normal” where people mobility […]

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  • Road Trip Jakarta to Banyuwangi

    Overview October 2022, together with my family, I went to Banyuwangi, East Java, to visit Ijen crater. We drive around 1000 km there, one way trip, where the first 863 km covered by toll road, and the rest 170 km is using old road called “Pantura”. It take us 3 days to go there, with […]

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  • Motivation and Dicipline

    Motivation and Dicipline

    Motivation is a feeling that come and goes and it doesn’t matter whether it there or not dicipline is infinitely more important. So no matter how you feel get up and do what you supposed to do, that’s it. And that’s dicipline, not motivation. If you only did what you supposed to do when you […]

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  • Gratitude


    Why do I live? Has this question ever came to your mind? It come across my mind multiple times, and today, I want to share it. I wrote this article in the train on my way back to Jakarta. Train is one of my favorite place where you can reflect yourself ๐Ÿ™‚. I come to […]

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