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Chat Analyzer

Hi, today I want to share about whatsapp chat analyzer. You may curious about who is more often to chat, is it you or him/her, what is the most word you type, and how long you usually type a sentence to your friend. Here you can check all of these parameters and it will also display the graph representing the data.

The analyzer can be accessed at What you need to do is only export your whatsapp chat, and upload it into the website. No worries about I read your message since no data will be uploaded to my server, it will be processed directly in your local device, I can guarantee my statement above.

If you need more request, don’t come to me since I’m not the creator of this application but I only get it online from my server. You may visit the source for any request or report. You may try and put any comments below!! Thanks, hope you like it!

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  1. penggemar lixsu Avatar

    Halo koko pacarnya ci noni


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