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Nalu Bowls

On 14th June 2018, Me and she went to Nalu Bowls at Kemang. It was a day before Hari Raya holiday and our office allow us to leave early. Nalu Bowls is a smoothie bowl shack bistro originated from Bali, and later expands to some countries around the world.


Since we are allowed to leave on 12 PM, then we decided to take lunch in Nalu Bowls Kemang. There, we planned on nothing other than to try the famous smoothies bowl. Actually, because it was a day before Hari Raya, then this smoothies place also had its early closing time and it was 3 PM. So, hurry up!


We arrived there around 1 PM and no one was there (yes it still feasting period). Without waste any time, we order 2 bowls of smoothies. Me ordered Uluwatu while she pick Mavericks. While waiting our smoothies ready, we took some picture of the surrounding and it was good! The place is well designed, got a good natural lighting source, clean decorated wall with some pictures, nice wooden table and chair set, definitely a good place for doing photograph.

Once our healthy food out, we rushing to taste them. For me Uluwatu tasted better than Mavericks due to it has sweeter flavour while Mavericks more tasteless. But for the toppings, Mavericks offer nicer. Overall, it offer a good quality of smoothies compared to other place and with a fair price, which around IDR 90k on average. The portion was big enough for a dessert, and we start to slowing down. Had half of it, we started to chill a bit, played with camera, drew some lettering. While crunching the food and having fun, we reached the closing time, and had to leave. Had our tummy enjoy the healthy food ?.

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