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Seeing Another Point of View

point of view - 3People don’t always see things in the same way and understand how they can see things from someone else’s point of view.  It includes a poem ‘Standing in Your Shoes‘ and describes a scenario where two girls fall out because they don’t see each other’s point of view.


Story of a girl with her friend

I am really fed up with my friend…. She borrowed my new book, she promise me that she will bring it back to my house after school today.

After school i get back to my house and wait for ages for her to come, but she obviously couldn’t be bothered. I rang my friend and told her what i thought of her. Would you believe it, instead of saying sorry, she started to make stupid excuse – So i just put phone down on her.

  • is it ok for her to feel so cross?
  • is what she did right?
  • should she carried on being friend or break friends with her friend?

From that story, you guys obviously will have different opinion based on your perspective too. But there’s some positive action toward this problem, what if you’re in her position, do you know what happened to her life after back from school? There must be a reason behind her attitude. To be able to judge this case objectively, you must know what happened on her after back from school. Try to approach her in a better way, lower your voice and try to ask her.

It would end up with 2 possibilities of reason, one is an acceptable reason which mean both of you got same perspective and the other is an unacceptable reason which mean both of you have different perspective of view. On this second case, it will be no use to force both side to have same perspective, and you know what action you should do.

point of view - 2


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