live to contemplate, be aware, and take action

Knowledge, Experience, Creativity

3 Essentials Factor in our life

Someday your teacher said, F = m.a where a is vector of acceleration and m is a mass. Or it must be P = ρgh, p = m.v, WΔE blah blah blah. They are called knowledge and since we know it, we should able to create something. For example, from the second Newton equation, we can know many things like, thing must accelerate at the same direction as total force works into it and the heavier its mass, the more Force needed to make it accelerated more. But, how to apply that equation in our life? Have you ever wonder why our car need an adjustable brake and accelerator pedal? why don’t they make it single value? And why bigger airplane need bigger wings to fly?

Every phenomenon in our life is correlated with physics, chemical, and biology with mathematics as its foundation. Human able to create a efficient aircraft, skyscraper is only because there’s knowledge behind it. And to make them “production ready” or safe for commercial use, they need a trial and error.

It’s like an evolution of ship, at first we create it using wood since it known to be floating on water. But later they found it wood has bad durability so they try create it using metal. After a month the metal become oxidized and need to be replaced with new one, so they recreate it with anti oxidized layer which is can prolong the ship age. Later after they able to make synthetics  material which is light and durable, they create a new one. As you know we already correlate physics and chemical in that short paragraph. By using every fundamental knowledge, we able to create a complex thing and make them correlate each other. Finally, we can create our own durable,  gentle ship using our imagination.

So never tell what you learn is useless 🙂



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