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The Fairytale of Us


Life is full of unexpected surprises, and I never could have predicted that I would find her, whom I would entrust my heart to. In this article, I want to chronicle the milestones we have achieved in our relationship and to reflect on the past half year with my partner.

As I write this piece, we have been together for 9 months since our first meeting, 5 months since we began our friendship, and 2 weeks since she agreed to take our relationship to a more serious level.

Who is she

As an informatics student at ITB, she impresses me with her unwavering determination and curiosity. She is respectful, but also warmhearted. Her personal mantra, “Bisa gak bisa harus bisa.”, drives her to tackle any challenge she encounters. 

At just 21 years old, she already displays a maturity beyond her years, likely due in part to being the oldest of three sisters in her family.

What I like of her

I cherished how she places a high value on morale, possesses a strong personality, and values her independence. Her wide range of personality enlivens our daily activities, and I appreciate her inquisitiveness and critical thinking, which often lead to thought-provoking conversations. She prioritizes truth and objectivity and does not succumb to short-term happiness. She is willing to let go of relationships in the early stages if she believes they will not work out in the end. 

Her unwavering consistency and strong personality make her truly unique. Of course, nobody is perfect, and although I am aware of her flaws, I consider them insignificant compared to the admirable traits she possesses.

How we met and develop our relationship

When I visit her in Bandung

End of May 2022, I met her while she worked as an intern in the same office. I was her mentor, and our daily conversations initially centered around the project, but we gradually started to dig into personal topics. I discovered that we shared a love for photography, which became our first common topics. Our conversations evolved into more profound discussions about life, and over time, our feelings for each other grew.

At first, I didn’t think there was anything particularly special between us. She was a curious college student, and I enjoyed sharing my life experiences with her. However, as we spoke more frequently, I began to realize that she was more than just a friend.

Eventually, I felt compelled to take our friendship to the next level. In October, I visited her in Bandung as we had previously discussed taking photos together. Meeting her in person for the first time solidified our unique friendship.

Over time, my feelings for her grew stronger, and I found myself wanting to prioritize her above other activities. We talked about romantic relationships, and I was encouraged by her openness to discussing the topic. I realized that I wanted to pursue a deeper relationship with her, and I expressed my feelings to her in January. Although her response wasn’t what I had hoped for, I appreciated her willingness to keep an open mind and give me a chance to develop our relationship further.

As our connection deepened, we faced several disagreements that exposed our fragile feelings. The first three weeks were particularly challenging, with two major fights that could have stopped us from reaching where we are today. However, we used these conflicts to understand each other better and strengthen our relationship even further. On February 19th, I finally confessed my feelings to her, and today, we are ready to take on any challenges that come our way. We promise to give our best, remind each other of our commitments, and work together to stay together.


Looking back, our story feels like a fairytale, It was a series of serendipitous moments that aligned perfectly with the right person at the right time. Even though we’ve only been committed to each other for two weeks, we’ve already shared so many special moments, both joyous and challenging. I believe it is only the beginning, and together, we are ready to welcome a beautiful journey and weather the storm ahead.

Thank you for sharing this special time with me, I look forward to creating many more memories together. 😊

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