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The Purpose of My Life

Recently some people around me doubting about their purpose of life and it made me think about mine as well. It’s a tricky question why most of people want to live despite their living situation.

I look at my surrounding in office and around my living place. Today, right after I step out from the fence, I see old man walk with carrying trash cart without any smile drawn on his face. On my way to office, I see numbers of kids ride bicycle and man around his 30th pedaling a bakery cart with happy face. While waiting in front of the elevator, a man in a phone talk about marketing strategy to rebound the business and inside the elevator, two woman nagging about working life and their family. It’s only in the morning, and I found a lot of expressions and emotions.

I might exaggerate the situation, but actually it happened over our life. Most of us will experience bad situation more than the good one. When we’re a child, we need to get through a lot of pain from falling, later as a teenager, some might get bullied and start to realize financial situation of their family. Entering the university, life even getting harder knowing that harsh world waiting for you in some next year. Graduate from the university, you need to make your own living and make your own career for your future.

Human’s life is not easy at all, then why each of us want to fight for it. Doesn’t matter how many times we fell, we want to rise again. It make me think, what actually motivated us to be able to see another sun rise in the next day.

For me, it is goal that I want to achieve. I always have a goal and unfortunately my goal always getting bigger each time I got the previous goal. I had been live in this world, driven by my goal, and most of them are coming from external factor. When I’m a child, I want to be able to ride bicycle as other children able to. When I saw my parents drew a sketch, I want to do that as well. Envious and desire to be better than people in my circle has driven me to keep live and beat them. Fun fact is sometimes it’s also because of the next story of serial movies which will be aired the next week.

It might be different for you, but there must be something that you want to get or to know so you will fight for it. It can be to have son, to have family, or to be a millionaire. Those all are legit goal of life, just make sure you set it and you know what to do.

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