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How are humans different from animals

There are many similarities between humans and other animals that you may have noticed. Humans and animals both eat, sleep, think, and communicate. We are also similar in a lot of the ways our bodies work. But we also have a lot of differences. Are there any differences that set humans apart, uniquely, from all other animals?

Some people think that the main differences between humans other animal species is our ability of complex reasoning, our use of complex language, our ability to solve difficult problems, and introspection (this means describing your own thoughts and feelings). Others also feel that the ability for creativity or the feeling of joy or sorrow is uniquely human. Humans have a highly developed brain that allows us to do many of these things. But are these things uniquely human?

Thinking about our ancestors, I believe they’re no different from monkey. They live the life with instinct to survive. Survival instinct are bound to every animal (and human) since they born. For example, a child will naturally get away from thing that make him uncomfortable or dangerous and it is totally the same as how animal instinct in the wild. Even in current pandemics situation, adults ignored empathy and become selfish by doing everything that can keep their family survive while the others may be harmed due to their action.

Both human and animal have their own nest. Our ancestor’s nest might be in form of cave, while rabbit will dig a hole. But the idea are the same: to increase survivability rate. I would say modern human civilization is only consist of human with their knowledge and tools. Human passed it down from generation to generation. Now we have house, because our ancestor also did it, house is a fancy version of a cave.

Speaking about cognitive ability. Human have a very good cognitive ability today because it develop it for a very long time. What differ us from animal is the brain’s capacity so we can achieve better than them. But it depends on how human manage it, undeveloped human gonna be the same as animal while developed animal can become closer to human.

I would say, both human and animal want to survive and live peacefully. If their life is on risk, they naturally will take action to make them feel more safe and comfortable. Bird build a bird nest while human can build a sky scrapper. All the innovation and invention are to increase both quality of life and survival rate. Medic will help human from die while other facilities will help them to satisfy their desire. Please be more human 🙂

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