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Virtual Photoshoot

COVID-19 pandemic change everything. People need to leave lifestyle that used to be, not only their daily life, but their professional life is impacted too.

Photography is one of many profession that got hit by COVID-19 pandemic. It categorized as non essential needs therefore it can not be operated as it was. One of it is studio photo where it used to be where the photo taking is performed now no longer allowed to operate. Not to give up on the profession, now we have virtual photoshoot.

As its name, the photoshoot will be performed where both photographer and talent are not physically at the same place. Yes picture will be taken from the screen while the talent will be on their phone/any camera. And yes, the image quality won’t be better than the screenshot! Then what? Personally I found that it is not the detail of the face or the dynamic range of the picture but it’s the link between photographer and the talent themselves. It still a work with directing, capture the moment, and acting!

There must be a lot of limitations by doing this. As always, lighting is the most important keys, we don’t expect the model to have flash or soft box. Second is camera’s field of view where phone/laptop usually have wide angle Field of View 24-27 mm yet portrait need tele lens at 35-100 mm. Then it was difficult to adjust talent’s position since the photographer can not direct them directly.


  1. Use good monitor, 27″ 4K monitor are recommended to prevent pixelated pictures.
  2. Use some foreground blur such as mini LED.
  3. Don’t expect detail, make it as collage

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