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Miniature DIY

COVID-19 bring me some ideas how to spend the weekend and miniature DIY is one of them. It can be categorized as a hobby which building/crafting a thematic room/building. You will find all necessaries materials in the package including the cutting tools and glue, so buy one and you can start even when you have nothing around.


Usually the kit will give you:
1. wood component,
2. tweezers,
3 .cloth material
4. cutting template
5. plastic flower
6. cutting tools
7. glue
8. wall/floor sticker

So, how’s it help me to kill the time? There’s some work that have to be done.

First, gluing the wood component which is easy, you need to glue all the 2 dimension wooden components to make it 3 dimension and this part is relatively easy.

Next, you need to cut and wrap the clothes to forms a pillow or sofa foam, this time you need to glue the clothes then put foam inside it. It’s need some patience to get it done given number of pillow that need to be created.

Last but not least, prepare all the small details such as glue the tape to give strip details in lamp, chair and believe me this part is the most frustrating.

Some of the kit will provide you the LED light with music box too! You will need to install the lighting and music box (wiring and soldering) although attach them using tape also possible.

And tadaa, your miniature is completed!

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