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Not to have Children

In India, young women who are capable of child bearing, chose not to do it, we will institute an award for them because right now the greatest service you can do in the world is you’re not extra populating this planet.

If, suppose you were a female tiger, then I would have encouraged you, please breed, please breed. Because it’s an endangered species. Well you know see we are not endangered. Wherever you go there is a crowd. Well, to protect a nation you have to build a wall otherwise people are coming. Obviously there’s too much population everywhere isn’t it?

So.. This is something we need to look at in a very fundamental way. This is happening because the need, the need is inbuilt. The reproductive need is a very inbuilt need. Whatever arguments they have at one point the body dictates. Fortunately there’s a lot of pain and stuff involved. Otherwise I don’t know what would have happened.

So this need of one has to transcend instead of forcefully putting it down if your identity naturally shifts beyond your biological self you will see these needs will completely disappear. Right now I want people to understand what you’re looking for is not a child. What you’re looking for is involvement. Right now your problem is you simply can not involve with people unless they came out of your body. Your identity of biology is so strong you can’t simply include these people as yours. Oh this one came from my body, this is mine. This is because you’re trapped in your own biology. That’s all it is. Why should it fall out of your body. Not necessary!

Human being has the ability, this is an animal instinct. This instinct is needed for the survival of the race of course. But now the survival of the race depends on consciously controlling the population a little bit.

From the beginning of 20th century, in 1910 our population was just 1.58 billion. Today, in 2019, we are 7.6 billion. By 2050, they’re estimating we will be 10.3 billion. When it’s 10.3 billion, I don’t want to be around. right?

I want you just to imagine, another 50% rise in the world’s population. You can imagine what all problems you will face. We’re ensuring that our children can not live well on this planet by producing more children. It’s very very important. We must understand why it’s happened not just because of unbridled reproduction. No, that is not true, it’s controlled. It’s simply because our life expectancy is extending itself, it’s fantastic. For example in India when the British left India, their life expectancy was twenty eight years. SO whoever is 28 right now, you’re all dead back at that time. That’s what it meant, I want you to understand, 28 years.. today it has reached seventy which is a phenomenal in seventy years of independence of India. So when we take death into our hands, should we not take birth into our hands? I’m not propounding any philosophy. I’m just talking simple arithmetic. When we take death into our hands should we not take birth into our hands? f we don’t do that, if we do not consciously contain our population nature will do it to us in a very cruel way. You want to wait for that day? Absolutely you can, but being human beings it will be nice if we do it consciously isn’t it?

Rewritten from Sadh Guru

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