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2019 in minutes

sunrise in Ancol

2019 will meet its end in 3 days, and I’m wondering about anything I have got from this year.

Many things is happened over my life, both good and bad. In July to August I had an increasing salary, obviously it’s not very special tho because everybody in my office obviously got this too haha. Around October, me and my ex decided to take a break and I regain my old life as an independent man :D. I belief million of couples also had same fate as ours in 2019 :peace:.

Back then in 2018, I think I got a lot of achievement and so with 2019. In 2019, I learned many things, from how to do better in social life to new technical skill.

Become Speaker in Ninja Campus Tour to ITB

This year I got a new role as a backend engineer, nothing is easy despite I already had much experiences in Java, but it’s not even sufficient. I learned a lot about docker and kubernetes, I also try some React JS stuff although in the end I back to Angular JS since I had not enough time to learn everything. I also got an opportunity do public speaking in my campus, ITB, and I talked about Kafka and Micro services there.

I also got opportunity to do ops support, it start from supporting the external to integrate their system to Ninja API and also supporting operational issues which always happened. To be honest, those are helping me much to have a new perspective of doing my profession. Last but not least, this year I learned about writing SQL script. SQL always be my weakness since the first time become a Software Engineer, but this year, by doing some report stuffs, data analysis, I’m able to overcome my weakness and get my confidence with SQL. For the first time, I also held a sharing session to all Ninja Engineering team about Data Driven Operational Analysis from Engineering perspective. Huh, they’re a lot! Pretty sure I miss one or more stuffs, but I think that’s all for now.

After long story about my technical skills, I also learned a bit about future life, parenting, household, church and its management. All of those must become good experience for my future.

Pelican in Eco Park Ancol

For the travelling, I had a trip with my ex to Singapore in between April and May, then we also had a vacation to Ambon (an archipelago on east part of Indonesia) between June and July. Around October, I had short trip to thousands island district at north of Jakarta with some office friends. Oh, I also visit Ancol Eco Park!

For the shopping, from what I remember, this year I bought Nitendo Switch, new Sony A6400 Camera, a new Macro lens, iPad mini, Sony WH1000XM3 headphone, Galaxy S10 and Note 10, and.. some games? Now I realised that’s been a lot amount of money :joy:.

For the biggest achievement or headline for 2019, If I had to choose, it gonna be macro photography. As I said before, I bought a new macro lens and start to learn about macro photography. By using macro lens I’m able to see another new perspective of our world.

Sunflower from my hydroponic planting

I also do some hydroponic planting. I planted some sunflowers and it’s succeed! I is very fascinating to see it flowering and the most important thing is, it attract some insects and they’re very photogenic indeed.

Last but not least, I remembered in 2018, I started to learn about spiritual life from my ex. In 2019, I got myself baptism although that moment become my steepest fall for my spiritual life. In the end, I become more confidence that our world has no God who can control our universe. Maybe He created us, yea something big must have created human, world, and all the stuff inside it, but, The God itself was no longer able to control today’s world. That’s my summary of God for the 2019, and it may change in the future though 😀 .

Partial Solar Eclipse in Jakarta, 26th Dec 2019 11:50 UTC+7

Soo, thanks 2019 to be a wonderful year, and for sure I expect another good stuffs coming in 2020.

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