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Faunaland Ancol – Jakarta

Saturday 28th September, I with some friends visit Faunaland in Ancol. We arrived at Ancol around 10 AM, the sun is arise and the weather is 33oC hot. By taking bus, the Ancol entrance is not too far. You need a ticket to enter Ancol, it is sold at IDR 25K per pax on weekend, but, because we could have it for IDR 5K by getting it through Traveloka.

The entrance located at north part of eco park, you can enter from eco park though. In eco park you can rent bike too. Inside fauna land, there’s quite a lot animals there, they have cats related animal such as lion, puma, and any other cats. A lot of birds and they’re not in cage. You can literally watch them from very close distance. Some primates and big mammals such as tapir and horse. We’re allowed to feed some animals by buying its food from feeding counter scattered around the area. There was some animal attractions that happen at scheduled schedules too.

If you like to take picture with some birds, they also facilitate it by provide some tanners that will help you take picture with them. They have the famous bird, it’s Cendrawasih from Irian Jaya/Papua. Another attractions is river course by using small boat. As the purpose of eco park, they made the boat eco friendly by using electric engine that powered by solar panel.

In general, I would recommend this place as a nice recreation’s place, to bring children to play with some animals.

Here’s some pictures about Fauna Land, hope you enjoy the article, see you!

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