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Go Macro

I bought a new tense recently, it’s 7- artisans 60mm macro tense. It’s a new lens made by 7- artisans and it’s a full manual lens. The lens is well made while it’s quite heavy compared to any other lens. As expected from macro lens, the apperture ring is made very smooth without any clichy in it (yes, I don’t think u need click stop for macro lens).

One The reason why I buy the lens is to know how to use macro. Macro photography is very interesting field in photography since not a lot of people get into it compared to portrait, street, any else). Macro lens also known as an expensive lens with a very limited usability. But, today, 7Artisans made a very cheap 60mm macro for Sony E-Mount, why don’t we try =D.

The very first day, I gist realised that shooting macro is not easy at all! First, It’s very shaky on 1:1 magnification. Think about 1mm will be projected exactly to 1mm length in your 24 MP sensor, so a single small movement will have a big impact. Second, the super shallow dept of field. On 1:1 magnification, wide open, the focus dept is very shallow even for an insect, it will give focus only for small part of its eyes. As in the image beside, ant’s antennae is only half of it is in focus and this picture is definitely taken at narrower aperture. As you know by narrowing the aperture, the less light will come to your camera’s sensor. Ideally you will need slower shutter speed to defy it, but in this case, you can’t. From my experiences, to prevent any blur due to your shaky hand and object’s movement either by wind or by itself you will need SS 400 or above. Basically by using configuration F8, SS 400 you still need ISO ranged between 1000 and 8000 below direct sunlight.

Long story short, I gave a try, hunt photos at a big park at Bogor. It’s a big park with a lot of trees like a mini tropical jungle, hence it will become a good habitat for some insects and floral which are my point of interest for do macro photography.

I went there with 2 other friends, Rizaq and Dini. We went there by train and it took around 75 minutes to get there. Start at 6-00AM, arrived at Bogor around 715AM. The park Is located only 1 km from the station and H’s walkable distance (only before the sun arise =D). Arrived, and the first object we found is “bee”. There’s a lot of them around water lily flowers and took some pictures of it.

Another interesting part is now we can rent a bicycle there. I don’t think last time (2 years ago) I went there, there was something like this. We can rent it for IDR 20k l hour for standard bicycle or MTB. This time all of us took the standard red bicycle. Some moments later we realized that we took a wrong bicycle since the contour is uneven and it’s very heavy once we faced a climbing path. But.. It’s still helpful compared to explore the park on foot.

We did the hunting for about 2 hours and the time showed 11.30 AM. Son is already above our head and it’s time to go home =D. Oh before we go back, we took a stop at De Leuit, a sundanese restaurant located around 2 km from the park. Had a good lunch then we went back for good. Saturday well spent it.

Here’s some pictures from my shot

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