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Long Time No See

It’s been several months since my last post. Many things’s been changed since then. Today l’m writing this post by using my brand new iPad. Just today I felt that tablet have an unique yet useful features.Yes, it has pen stylus capable.

It’s been very long since tablet is invented. Back to 7 years ago, tablet is only a mini computer with barely convenient touch screen. The first iPad is still quite bulky and heavy. It might be good to play “Angry Bird” with a big screen back then. It also might good enough to read e-book. but still, at that time most of the book is using PDF format which sometimes give very small font and the text sometime can’t be considered as text. You’ll understand if only you born at the same age as me.

As time move forward, technology improve. Now, most recent tablet is very thin, light yet powerful, much more powerful compared several years ago. It even support a mature stylus technology. Given the iPencil is connected wirelessly, both pressure and tilt sensitive, so it give you a very similar experience as working with pen and paper. As l’m writing this post by using iPad and iPencil.

Long story short, now I have a new manager, I work in a different building,I take a new role, I grab some new gadgets, many things! =D

Thanks for reading! Will try to write some again later, see you!!

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