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Galaxy S10 + LED View Cover Review


I just bought a new Galaxy S10 by trade in my 1 year old Galaxy S9. In Indonesia, it cost me about USD 370 or IDR 5,300k.

Yass, it’s on my hand now. It feels lighter compared to Galaxy S9, and due to it, I personally feel that Galaxy S9 is more premium than this one. Despite the weight, the design is good, the display is gorgeous as usual, camera is better than S9, and overall, yea better than S9.

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As you know one of the big features on S10 is the ultrasonic fingerprint. his fingerprint offer a latest technologies and S10 become the first one which using it. Been using my phone for several days, I feel that it requires extra pressure from our finger to make it works. However, the fingerprint does pretty good job to detect my finger in wet condition.

S10 also git a bump for speed, now it using latest Exynos processor and chipset, Exynos 9820. My experience so far, S10 give an optimum performance with a decent battery life. I can go almost full day without worrying my battery, compared to S9, usually it start to be under 50% after 2 PM, and to use it after work, nearly impossible. Good job samsung.


As you buy a premium phone, it would be a mess if you drop and crack the body, so a cover would be a must have accessories for this phone. There’s plenty of them, you can choose between Samsung cases or other 3rd party cases. For Samsung cases, there are 5 variants of it.

I got 2 final candidates, they are LED Cover (1) and LED Flip Cover (4). Both offer a similar feature which is display animation when notification come (remember, there is no notification LED in S10). In the end, I choose LED Flip Cover because it can protect frontside of my phone and still get the fancy LED features. It was heavier and bulkier than the other one, but it offer more protection to my phone.

As we know the LED animation can be customized from extra settings in the phone.

I’m guessing The LED works by NFC communication from the back and by using a flex cable, it get the data to the front side

These are several “how it looks” when wearing the cover. It use fabric as external material, feels good to grip, not so thick, yet still give a premium looks. The case have no issues with NFC or wireless charging (although I don’t check the charging speed). The front side of it can show you notifications with custom icon for each apps or person, but the notifications only show for a little amount of time hence we can not rely on its screen to check whether there is email or chat coming to our phone. By pressing the power while cover are closed, it will shows latest notifications, followed by time. In case you’re playing a music, it will display a simple music controller, but I find it not sooo sensitive to touch (okay it’s sensitive, but not so sensitive).

Overall, I love this cover, it was not so pricy as in S9 (IDR 750k for a simple clear flip cover), it has a better looking and more premium as well. The LED is fancy enough to be shown to others.

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