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2018 Rewind

2018 been my best year so far, I learn much, achieve much, better than ever.

January, begin with new year celebration at Bundaran HI Jakarta, there I took some fireworks pictures and it was awesome. Several days later, still in early January, I visited MACAN Museum with Chips Ahoy. Middle of January, I visit Kebun Raya Bogor, an open space area near President’s residence in Bogor. Late January, I went to Singapore for a business trip. This time, it differ compared to previous business trip since I had my camera with me to take some great pictures accompanied by Daniel and Pak Ferdinand.

February, I held CNY celebration in Cirebon with my big family, this year, everybody come to celebrate it together. Awesome! My friend also had his wedding in Semarang this month, and we made a small high school reunion there.

March, I’m in my mood to watch Korean Drama: My Golden Life which consist of 52 Episodes. I started to push myself to do more photography for my friends, like put some thought for the photography theme, there are some of them below! There also dinner together with Marcel, Liviana, Ria, and Sisil but, unfortunately it become our last dinner with Marcel [emoji].

April 2018, definitely it was one of the most excited month in 2018, even in my life. I had a short trip to part of Kepulauan Seribu (thousand islands), together with Rizaq, Binti, Dini, and Jerry. On 8th, I celebrate Dini’s birthday, and a day before it, I “met” Dwike Novellyni for the first time. We’re not literally met but we had a long conversation and it continue until today. I also had a trip with her at end of April to Yogyakarta. It was, remarkable.

May, I got my birthday, this month I got several presents directly from some people, and one of it is from Dwike. She gave me a cattle to heat litre of water, a thoughtful one, thanks! I also had trip to Dufan, this time we went to Sea World! Another big step I had made was, I started to go to church. This month, we also had our first “official” date, she did her work while I’m just accompany her to Cilandak Transmart. Oh not forgot to mention, my office moved from Utan Kayu, a remote area in Jakarta to Bidakara Building at Pancoran, cool!

June, I become closer with Dwike, we start to spend more time together. At the first weekend of the month, I went to Yogyakarta (again) with some Ninja fellas, thanks for them that provide me with everything, happy to be your tour guide. At the end of the month I ask her to have vacation together to Bandung. It’s a one day trip and it was fun! We met my mom there as well.

July, I met Daniel, Monic, Gina and friends in Super Sambal and later hang out with Dwike (later I will call her Noni) in Central Park, this time we print our pictures for the first time and the result was nice! Like it.

August 2nd, Daniel had his birthday, we celebrate it in office. Later one of GSY family passed away and I push myself to be documentation guy in the ceremony, not so success though. Around middle of the month, after morning pray, I and Noni taught Ello about high school math, thanks my brain got refreshed! Another day in middle of August, I and Noni thought about selling some online products, then we did the photo take for all the products. We prepared some photo shoot accessories and stuffs. Binti also held her birthday this month, we went out to Sushi Ya in TIS, Tebet.

September, on 2nd, we went to Asian Games 2018 in Senayan with some new friends from church. Unfortunately it was raining that time so we got soaked up by water. This month, I also bought a mini drone called Tello, it wasn’t that good yet still gave decent drone experience.

October, It was another big month in 2018, I managed to propose her to be my girlfriend and she agreed with me, yeay!! A week after I proposed her, her father passed away, both of us took care for his funeral process and thanks God everything run smooth. At end of the month, Daniel got his wedding and a week later, Noni had a business trip to Sulawesi at the end of November. I planned to be tagged along with her, but the time is not right, and I need to stay in Jakarta.

November, my girlfriend had her birthday on 4th November, I had some surprise for her although she’s not like my present. Sorry for that!! A week later, after her birthday, his grandpa got weaker, we had some time to keep visit and help her Kong. Unfortunately her Kong passed away. Middle of the month, Henny, Helvi’s sister got her wedding, here I and Noni lent our hand for the wedding ceremony. End of the month, I had a business trip to Singapore for 5 days, it was about learn React JS from frontend pros in Ninja HQ

December is coming!! This month become another busy yet happy month for me, my youngest uncle had his wedding in Cirebon, I became his best man, happy to see you achieve your marriage and have a happy family! Another thing was, my church held its Christmas celebration this month, it happened twice and I become part of documentation team and I’m happy to be able to help. It also become my first Christmas with my lovely girlfriend, it was full of joy!

Last but not least, I also planted mushroom and sunflower this year and both grew successfully. for the mushroom, I plant it for 1 month while sunflower took around 3 month until the flower got its full bloom, below is gallery containing some random pictures of mine, please visit @lixsu at instagram if you want to see more pictures like this, thank you!!

Finally, this paragraph will end this long 2018’s journey, thanks to everybody who had came and bring joy and experience to me, especially Noni, thanks to be my closest friend, thanks to keep believe in me in all my weakness. Let’s have a great 2019 ahead!

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