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Should Speak out or Hold Back?

When we feel uncomfortable about something should we say it or should we remain quiet?

So many of us feel like we have to suppress our thoughts and opinions and that’s not healthy because we don’t feel good on the inside. Yet, if we voice out loud what we think and feel it really may come across as offensive or confrontational.

Communication isn’t easy, especially when we want to remain true to ourselves and speak out yet at the same time we want to keep the peace and not rock the boat. But as with everything there is always a middle path, a place where we’re able to be completely authentic to ourselves yet at the same time completely aware of concepts like goodwill, respects, and considerations.

This means that whilst we want to express every emotion we feel, we’re also aware that not every emotion needs to be expressed. For example if we feel like screaming at the top of our lungs in a fit of temper, we don’t actually do it. Not because we’re suppressing it, but because we’re recognise that it’s an emotion that we would rather let go of, an emotion that we would rather rise above. So similarly, when we feel uncomfortable in situations with people when it comes to money and help and fairness especially with friends and family members, it is worth taking the time to evaluate how we can approach the situation.

We don’t ever have to suppress or ignore our emotions but we can also remember that we do have the ability to rise above certain emotions, especially when we focus on what truly important in the big picture. Respects, good will, and love. Being authentic to who we are doesn’t mean just showing every emotion we have and then thinking “Hey, I’m just being true to myself.” “If you take offense, that’s your responsibility and your problem.” We have to ask ourselves if saying something serves only ourselves or does it also serve the other person?

In any communication we want to try to aim for a win-win where it’s not just about relieving our own discomfort but to also see how the other person can feel good. That requires consideration and the ability to think beyond ourselves. Being authentic is letting go of our ego and our pride, to be generous and giving. Because that’s truly who we are underneath all the validation we seek and the pride we have. That is authenticity and a great way to be happy, always.

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