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Pejaten Village

It was Sunday, 8th July 18, we met in church as usual, and each of us had our own plan after it. But, it ends up not going as our plan, so we decided to go somewhere together to spend some money and time. Yea, we’re quite good on it ✌.

Had a bus stop as our meeting point, we went to Pejaten Village mall. First thing first, we craved for some meal since it was noon already and we haven’t got our lunch. Golden Lamian (Golden Century) become our place, and we had 2 bowls of noodle with some extra toppings. We’re able to get some cash back by pay using OVO. The food was so good, it tastes sweet while the toppings could fill another part of our tongue.

Had our tummy full enough, we started to explore the entire building. Payless store had a vey good deal item while the desired model wasn’t available. Been to every part of the building, we start to hungry once more, so we decided to visit Mango Stall to get some fresh juice. Here, the place was very nice, despite it was located outdoor, it had a good lighting and proper decoration. Bring nothing except camera, then we had no choice.

Our juice out, we had a try and it was very tasty. We could find a viscous mango flavour inside it, absolutely no regret for an IDR 50k drinks. Slurp it while had a chit and chat and some pictures, our watch told us to wrap the day. We decided to take Angkot/Metromini to reach her house. It was a rare experience to take angkot from a far place. After went through some traffics jam, we arrived at her home, and we wrap our day. Sunday well spend ?.

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