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If You Want to Do What You Love


When you find something that you’re ready to become the best in the world at, you’ve found your passion.

I think that one of the biggest problems that people run into when they’re young especially is that they don’t actually know what they want, but they want to rush forward, they want to do something, they want to get big now, they want to be famous, they want to be rich. And because of that they pick a path and they go hard down that path. But it’s not necessarily something that fills them with joy.

And so, what people need to focus on is what gives you more energy than it takes? And the only way you can know that is, is by experience whole lot of stuff. Go play, go get lost, find your area of interest. Once you have your area of interest now we’re going to do the hard work, of reality doubling own and becoming extraordinary. Of going down the path of gaining true mastery, which is hard and requires you to go way beyond when it’s fun. You’re going deep into boredom. You’re going to push yourself past, you know where everybody else stops and gives up. But it starts with making sure that you actually enjoy that thing you’re going to do. Because there is something for all of us that gives us more energy than it takes, even when it’s hard. But if you don’t first discover that, then the whole process of building your passion will be waster after.

You’ll never be able to get there because it has to start from that kernel of something beautiful. Find something that you love and a good place to start is what do you do when you procrastinate? That usually is the thing you just like, you have a thing for it. And so now the questions becomes, how do you turn that into something that is also monetizeable? How do you make that the thing you can put at the center of your life?

So when you are able to find that then we begin process element and so that goes like this. You find an area of interest that’s your 5% of just play, exploratory not knowing what you’re doing, fumbling about, encountering as many different thing as you can. So if you decide that it’s dance is your thing, then you’re going to go take dance classes. You’re not going to sit and pontificate, you’re not going to watch youtube videos, you’re going to dance. Now in that process, if it turns into a real fascination like the more you do it, the more it captures your imagination. The more you see how much time and energy it’s going to take you to get great, you’re like, I want to do that! I want to put that energy and report in. That’s actually interesting to me, I want to become the best in the world at this. And that’s the next thing.

When you find something that you’re ready to become the best in the world, then you’re ready to go down the process of gaining mastery. When you do that, when you’re willing because you want the thing that’s at the end of that. And if it’s dance, and you know that the reason you want to dance is either entertain millions or know you want to teach kid who have a hard time communicating and they don’t know any other way to get in touch with themselves but to dance, then you’ll do it.

But you’ve got to know what that is, you’ve got to have that why, that mission, that thing you’re building towards that isn’t just selfish. That allows you to serve other people so that when you’re working, your ass off , to get those skills you know what the utility is that goes beyond yourself. In fact, the only thing I can guarantee, you’re going to struggle. The struggle is guaranteed. The success is not. So if you know why you’re fighting suddenly it becomes very easy to keep going in those moments of adversity, but if you don’t know why you’re fighting, you’ll give up.

rewritten from Tom Bilyeu.

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