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This Too Shall Pass

When you feel down, when you feel depressed, remember that this too shall pass.

Everything in this lifetime is impermanent. Everything passes, the good and the bad. No matter how hard we want to try to hold on to a good feeling, the emotion will eventually dissipate and all we’re left with are wisps of memory of what it once was. When we feel bad, It’ll seem like misery is our constant companion and that it’s going to be that way for the rest of our lives. But that’s not true,  because it will pass. When? Nobody knows. How? Nobody knows. But what we do know is that depression is not our identity. We can feel depressed but we don’t have to be in depression. An emotion is what we feel but it does not define us. We’re never in happiness, so why would we be in depression? This isn’t about trivialising our pain or illness. But to help us with what we can do when all we feel like is giving up. We have to stop thinking that we’re not normal, that we want a normal life. We can feel bad, but it doesn’t mean that our negative emotions are ‘bad emotions’. They’re just what we feel and what we feel is absolutely real. And they will absolutely pass.

Don’t judge your emotions  and don’t fear your emotions. Every breath we take, every thought we think, and very emotion we feel is already a privilege and it’s a privilege that’s easy for us to forget because life usually doesn’t seem that special or that important. Whilst we’re alive, it’s usually when we don’t have something that we would appreciate how precious it was . The feeling of happiness passes. The feeling of sadness also passes if we can truly embrace this then we’ll be at peace no matter what comes our way and truly be happy, always.


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