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Travelling to Yogyakarta Day 2

After all the sleep, a new day came. It was our 2nd day also our last day, we will attend her colleague friend’s wedding which was the main reason we came to Yogyakarta. At that time, we had our car returned. Had all the preparation done, we get our cab to bring us to the wedding place, located at Sewon area, south part of Yogyakarta. I wore orange batik shirt and she wore cute white dress. Despite we had to hit a small road, it still located not too far from the main road.

After some walking, we arrived at the wedding place. We still could find some fresh rice fields around the place. Once we were there, she and I met the groom and bride and with some of her friends too. We follow all the ceremonial, took some pictures, had some chit chat then we left the place. It was around 11 AM, and we head to our next destination, Taman Sari.

Taman Sari is a historical place located in the city. It used to be Yogyakarta’s sultan resting place, and now become tourism place. Here we could get a guide to tell us the story behind the place and to get us picture with good looking background. But if you’re in hurry, then better to take the sightseeing by yourself, because in our case, Dimas, the guide, kept talking off the topics even he tried to sell us some paintings. Since we got the guide with us, then I will share some stories of Taman Sari ?. Taman Sari was built by 2nd Hamengkubuwono as a resting place in the holiday with his mistresses. The facts is, the gate where we enter the building is not the main entrance but a back entrance. When you get yourself into the first park after the gate, it was a place where Sultan’s children used to serve a dance for him along with music that played from 4 directions to have a stereo effects. Later, the next place is bathing spot, there was 2 pools, first one was for Sultan’s children and the other one was for sultan’s mistress. Sultan’s children would have playing session while the mistresses would serve dance for the Sultan. While Sultan was watching over his mistresses from the top of building, later he would choose the chosen one to have a night with him. Long story short, that’s the story in general. Actually our guide wasn’t that bad at telling the historical story, but later on, he start to drift the topic to many things and bring us to painting store which made us cut his speech and decide to finish the tour. Sorry, Dimas.

Done with Taman Sari, it was afternoon and time for lunch. Not felt so hungry, then we went for Gelato. The price was start from around IDR 25k, can be considered as low price for scoop of gelato yet tastes good also. Here she met her old friend, he was studying art in Yogyakarta and I found he was so good in it. Done with the gelato, we headed to souvenirs shop and buy some Bakpia. As recommendation from some friends, we choose Kurnia Sari Bakpia. Since we put our belonging in our hotel, then we moved back to hotel, bring all the stuff and change our outfit. It was around 3.30 PM, and we still have one more place to visit, Mirota Batik / Hamzah. Our train was at 7 PM so we need to hurry. There was some traffic jam on the way to Hamzah, but nothing to worry, we still had enough time for shopping some clothes and souvenirs.

In Hamzah, we could find both clothes and souvenirs like paper bag, wallet, and another unique stuffs. Here I bought my first present for her, a brown cloth wallet. After we settled our stuffs, we ready to go into train station where our journey will end. Worry with traffic jam, we decided to take a walk from Hamzah to train station, about 1.3km far. Commit to our decision, then we had the walk until train station, it was funny yet exciting ?!

Had ourself in the train station, we had some rest, dry out all the sweat. A moment later, we start to find some food, and… finally we end our journey in Yogyakarta. It was a short trip but the most memorable one, not because of the place, but because of whom I went with. We were really a stranger a week before, but we able to finish this trip, together, very well. Hopefully, you also enjoy the trip as I did, with all the trouble happened. It was our first meet, but surely not the last. Thanks my new friend ?. And as closing, her name is, Dwike Novellyni.




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