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Be a Person of Your Word

Cause here’s the definition of success, choose what you want, get up everyday, and walk towards your outcome. Do the 3 most important things, if you do that, you can’t fail. You’re gonna get knocked into the mud, get thrown into the brambles. You’re gonna have down times and you’re gonna have high times. But if you keep getting back up then walking towards your purpose, you can not fail.

What you can fail is by not having a purpose, being aimless, wandering through life and taking what they give you. You know, if you don’t choose anything then you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. We only learn from the failures, we don’t learn from the success’s. The success’s make you want to beat your chest and walk around and say I’m doing great, look at me. It’s not the success’s that teaches you, it’s the failures.

– David Osborn

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