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Travelling to Yogyakarta Day 1

This time, it will more to be a story than a travelling article. The story will be between me and her along the way. Our friendship start from instagram where we start to chat each other, and for some reasons, both of us get hooked into this trip. We planned the trip in 2 days while both of us know nothing about our destination, Yogyakarta. We finally agree to take a leave on Friday and started the journey on Thursday, 26th April night by using train.


Once we arrived, it was around 3 AM and we need to go into our hotel. At train station, a lot of taxi driver will rush into you to get you into their car. It wasn’t that easy to find a taxi with meter there. Actually there was a well known taxi company called JAS in Yogyakarta, they’re taxi with meter but it was outnumbered by illegal taxi. Because it took some time to get a JAS taxi, we just hired an illegal taxi after some fee negotiation. Long story short, we arrived in our hotel and take a nap till our car arrive.

Around 6 AM, the time me and the car rental agreed to meet at, our nice car arrived and we ready to start the trip. Oh, we rent the car from SUMBAYAK @sewamobil_yogyakarta . It offer a very low price compared to another car rental with an easy procedure. So everything still on schedule and we went straight to Borobudur Temple, Magelang. Didn’t forget to prepare some drink and food, we stopped at passed-by convenient store. Borobudur Temple located around 40km from Yogyakarta city and it took around 90 minutes. Along the way we (I) really enjoy the trip, even it was started with my clumsy driving skill but at the end we arrived at our destination, safe and sound.

First thing first, we bought some food, we choose gado-gado as our breakfast. Unfortunately it was so spicy for me so I couldn’t make it, however the taste was good. On the way to the entrance, we faced some merchants, and finally we bought a creamy colour round hat (it can be good as photograph property too). Bought the ticket, and, yeay, we’re inside Borobudur complex. It was so hot at that time, our skin start to extract sweat right away. Without wasting any time, we go straight into the temple, but of course stop here and there a bit to take photos and continue ?. In our walk to the temple, we still really don’t know each other yet, even, it was our first time we meet each other, I was a bit worry it will be an awkward trip. But, it wasn’t, it was really the opposite. I found out she was the chatty type and can keep conversation flowing as the heat from the sun ?. She was very good at telling words but also good at giving inspiration for my hobby, tirelessly she help me to take photo the way she think it would be good (anyway I admit you’re good ?✌). As her hobby is writing, more specifically planner writings I can only help her hobby by taking photo of her planner (Sorry I really clueless about how I can help your planner). Didn’t forgot to have our photos together, we ask help from the security, amazingly, he was really good at make composition of pictures, can’t ask more.

Done with the temple, we moving down back to our car, but again, with some photo sessions ?. In our way, we need to pass through thousand of merchants because the exit way was arranged in such a way that we have to get through all the merchant. As we already explore some markets and stores in Yogyakarta later, the price in Borobudur was one of the cheapest among another markets and stores, so if you planned to buy some merchandise, clothes, common batik, this market could be the right place. After spend some minutes inside the maze, we finally came out, and I should tell it once more, it was really really hot.

Almost 12 PM, we hurry up heading to Prambanan Temple. The trip is quite far, around 60km and we will go through Yogyakarta City again to get into Prambanan Temple. As we didn’t have enough sleep on the other day, my companion felt asleep for a couple minute ?. It was almost 1 PM and we haven’t got any food, then we try to find some food to eat. After doing some research, we decide to stop at Kupat Tahu. The Kupat Tahu was called Blabak. It tastes sweet rather than salty, but it was taste good also, and the price is incredibly cheap, around IDR 8,000, never found lunch cheaper than this. Got refreshed a bit, we continue our trip to Prambanan Temple.

And finally Prambanan!! We arrived at Prambanan Temple around 2.30 PM. Everything was behind our schedule already and we also quite tired after all the activity, so we decided to enjoy Prambanan Temple as our last destination that day. Long story short, we enter Prambanan Temple complex. It was still hot at that time with the sun still above our head. As usual, we rushed into the main area, took a lot of pictures, made a lot of idea, and made a lot of fun! Later we start to feel tired and took a rest behind the ruins of Prambanan Temple. Although it was ruins, the view is quite mesmerising, we still able to capture some moment behind the ruins since taking photos never be tired. We enjoyed the vibe, watching sun setting down at Prambanan direction, chilling like never been.


Heading back to the city, we stopped first at hotel, refreshed ourself then seeking for dinner. We choose House of Raminten as our dinner place. As everybody said, it always been full so we need to wait to be seated. We waited for around 9 table, and we get seated after around 30 minutes. The restaurant actually kinda modern angkringan. We ate nasi kucing with fried fish, some satays, and omelet. The price is reasonable, and the vibe is pretty unique, we highly recommend this restaurant. Got our tummy happy, then we heading back to hotel to have a proper rest, and get ready for tomorrow’s activity.


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