live to contemplate, be aware, and take action

Live to be Better

Start doing what you love today, in your spare time, on your weekends, using your breaks. Because that ‘s gonna help you create the life that you truly, truly want. Not being bound by those golden handcuffs. And these are some of tips.

#1 Start a side hustle. Maybe it’s an online business, Maybe it’s an instagram page. Maybe it’s a blog, Whatever it may be, get that hustle going. Start learning about it quickly, reading about it. Speaking to other people who have made it happen in their lives. Everything that becomes your main stay, originally would have started as a side hustle. Get that going right now.

#2 Don’t waste your weekends and evening on Netflix, please. Use them to be creative, express yourself, connect, and network with the right individuals. Go out to events, go and do a course, go and do an online course. There is so much access out there to knowledge. Use your time wisely to be educated more than just being entertained.

#3 Experment and test, experiment and test. Keep experimenting with new ideas, speaking to new people. Getting people to be sounding boards, testing out things that you thought would work. Not only when you start seeing that you’re learning a lot more, but you’ll start seeing progress.

You dont need to find perfections, you just need to feel progress.

– Jay Shetty

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