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Travelling to Thousand Islands: Onrust, Cipir, Kelor

Hello, back to travelling article! This time me and some friends had a short escape to Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta (Thousand Islands). Kepulauan Seribu is an archipelago located at north of Jakarta Bay, as its name, this area consist of a lot of small islands that are close each others.

There are many tour available for thousand islands trip, one of them is KiliKili that we’re using that time. We didn’t do proper search back then, and we just realised that the offered price is not so cheap. We got charged IDR 120k per pax while other trip can have IDR 85k even with a better lunch menu ?. Most of them will start from Muara Kamal because the trip will be much shorter from there. We need to go through a traditional fish market to get there, so keep your belonging safe and just wear dirty-able shoes.

Every trip will partnership with some boat owner in Muara Kamal, so first thing to do is contact the trip organizer and ask who is the boat owner. Most of the boat is a traditional boat, so don’t expect to get into fancy boat there. The trip will take around 40 minutes to the first island,  Kelor Island. Kelor Island is the most favorite one for me. We can find a good landscape there because of it got the historical VOC castle, some other unique shaped rock at the beach and also the island also inhabited so it just feels peaceful here. Despite it was inhabited, but there still toilet facilities and some resting area, so no need to put any worry to get there.

After some strolling, we move to another island, Cipir. The trip is only about 15 minutes and we arrive in another island. There we get the food prepared by the trip and have some time to explore the island. The island is quite big and many people living there. Because of it, the atmosphere is different compared to Kelor. We can buy some fresh coconut here or some iced drinks to kill the heat. For everybody that need to pray, there is Mushola in Cipir island.

Time to move to last island, Onrust. In the past Onrust is bridge connected with Cipir. But now the bridge is broken so we need to ride a boat to get there. The island is as big as Cipir but with more natural environment. There is some shops and house, but looks better than in Cipir. We can circle the island by walking and take some picture. Here I was really enjoyed the landscape, there are many spot to take best picture, moreover at that time, the sun start to be lower and make the shot better ?.



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