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2018, then What?

new year eve 2018 at Bundarah HI, Jakarta

2018 just begun, then? Yea, after the first week passed this year, I felt that in this early 2018, I just doing as usual and without any target. Therefore, I think making a target for this year isn’t bad at all. It may become my rough direction to which I go this year. So I decided to carve my target here, in my blog.

I make this writings just to make sure that once I have committed my target then I should accomplish them by the end of 2018. Plenty much of time isn’t it? ? So, long short story, these are my target to be accomplished this year:

  1. have a better emotion control
  2. have more experience and career growth
  3. saving more.. Yea last year I spent too much money on games and camera stuffs
  4. traveling to Japan or some SEA countries
  5. have a girlfriend, who knows?

Those 5 should be my next target. But why only 5?? Perhaps myself in early 2018 is too pessimistic on determining his target for a year ahead or too realistic that only commit what is technically possible to get ? . Anyway, that’s it for now, and I hope this post at least will remains as it until next year. Have a nice year ahead everyone!

Keep your spirit up, me too, fighting!!

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