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2017: An Unexpected yet Wonderful Year

2017 will meet its end in no time. It never feels that fast until its end is near. Then I start to recollect any memories/moments that occurred from early 2017. After doing that, I realized that there were so much new things happened over this year, especially for me, both valuable and funny. It happened in me for every inch of 2017. Here I summarize most interesting moments in 2017, let’s dig it out! ?

SEA Aquarium

The first valuable moments occurred in February. Few days after Chinese New Year, I was called to visit Singapore office to meet some new guys and had a direct communication with Singapore tech team. During that visit, I spent my weekend over there and go to some interesting place such as Sentosa Island and some city park in Singapore. In Sentosa I decided to go to SEA Aquarium, 3D Museum, and Cable Car. The most interesting part is SEA Aquarium. The arrangement was very good and here I can find a lot of sea creatures from around the world. In another day, I spent a day strolling the city and went to some park, one of the best park is Orchid Garden located at Singapore Botanic Garden.

SEA Aquarium


PIK lazy river

Back from Singapore, I had a hangout to PIK Water Boom with some friends. We had a really good time there. Usually I scared to ride the highest one, but since there was only 6 of us, then I have no choice to run ?. *I still come down safe and sound.

Can not leave my mind that bad things happened back then, one of my friend’s phone broken due to water entered her phone ??.


Later in May, I decided to learn photography. I was influenced by my office colleague to buy a camera instead keep using phone camera. At the beginning I hesitated to buy a camera while a phone is good enough for me, even in quality, it can be better to some DSLR with standard lens. But after showed a picture that taken by fast lens, I start to know that a camera can make a different picture then a phone! By using fast lens, I can produce such bright, detail, and shallow depth of field, so why not give a try? For the first kit, I bought Sony A6000 mirrorless camera with Sigma 30mm F1.4 lens.

first gear: Sony A6000 with Sigma 30mm lens


Sunset from Gili Laba, Labuan Bajo

After some photography learning hour, I had a vacation plan to Bali, Lombok, and Komodo. I realized that my current lens won’t fit to be used in landscape photography, then I choose Samyang 12mm F2.0 manual lens. It can produce an ultra wide picture (16mm FF equivalent). The trip did very amazing, start with Lombok, went to many gorgeous beach and also to Gili Terawangan. Then continue to Bali because no flight from Lombok to Komodo, and finally went to final destination: Labuan Bajo/Komodo. Labuan Bajo was such a trip that didn’t meant to be easy, almost every time,  we need to do some trekking before got into place that will serve a very very extraordinary view, but believe in me, it’s worth it!

Stargazing from Gili Terawangan, Lombok


Best view from Padar Island, Labuan Bajo

For more details with the vacation, you can find it here ! ?



This year I also found a very best game called Nier Automata, this game made me get a Playstation 4 Pro console so I can play it comfortably. I choose PS4 because it had affordable price with very good performance. Nier Automata still become my best games in 2017. I also give a try on Final Fantasy XV, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, Tomb Raider: Rise of Tomb Rider , and Horizon Zero Down. But still, Nier Automata get me so deep. (Please remind me to not buy more Bamco games)


Continue with photography, I made my mind to get a flash. I choose Godox 350 for Sony to fit up my gear. By my observation, flash is necessary to make a nice lighting portrait photograph. So far I just learned how to have correct exposure between subject and environment.

The one who scared to the death

November, the biggest thing is me and all the office colleague went to Dufan. There was a nice promotion for the entrance ticket back then, but it made Dufan so crowded and we couldn’t do many rides, but it was fun too! It become more fun when someone is really scared to the height.

Ninja Hangouts

Finally December is coming after, it is a very short year with many things went unexpected in 2017 yet they’re going well for me. There was a touching events happened that my best best teacher in my university, Yudi Gondokaryono passed away, that one is pretty shocking and sad. Other than that, I learned that many positive thing happened this year. Some friends have a new experience, some old friends looking for me, some friends leave me, some new friends come to me, even some friends start to have their marriage ?. Near Christmas day, there also a very first I requested my friends to be photographed by me, thanks to them, I was able to learn new things and bring a nice result! ?


In short definitely 2017 is not bad at all yet it’s one of my best year in my life, but still, 2018 must be better than 2017. It was a lot of fun, a lot of lessons, and I shall thanks to every of my friends, office colleagues that keep me improve to be a better person. As in my profession, I felt that I growth a lot, many new things comes into my head and my Application also got 10k downloads this year, that one was pretty unexpected ?.

A few days before end of 2017, as usual, do it with fun, meet some friends and have a nice talk.
Bye 2017, thanks to be so great!! ??

2 responses to “2017: An Unexpected yet Wonderful Year”

  1. Why don’t you put Final Fantasy XV?


    1. ah good catch, I wonder that game just too standard till it gone from my head. I only remember the best, the worst, and the latest game i played. -Lixsu


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