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Being risen by Christian family will greater your possibilities being a Christian, don’t you agree? Afi Nihaya Faradisa bring an idea about how religion comes to our life and I barely agree with her perspective. Since we’re a baby, some of our parents seduced us with some religious knowledge, they put it into our mind, remind us that we have to put our fate in God as the principal of this universe. I’ve ever read that some of bible told us that our parent is such a God delegation which means, we need to obey every of their word.

As an ignorant child, who can not make any judgement to what it takes, naturally we will only accept those words into our deepest mind, and it’s called learning process. From my perspective, a human will only able to understand what is taught to him. Human can learn about gravity, thunder, volcano, is because the nature teach him and every knowledge that come through, will become basic for his way of thinking. The same thing with the religion, what our parents taught us, it will become our foundation of how God works. Not a little people will keep this way of thinking till his life ends, they lost their logic and caught in deep spiritual world. Due to their trust in God, they will accept their life as it is and do whatever their believes take them and made their barrier of knowledge. Don’t even think to make a machine that can take human above the sky if you belief that babel was destroyed due to God’s anger.

Furthermore, our earth populated by some of Gods and sometimes some people who worship different God and still thinking.. (sorry to say) in old ways, will easily put into religion conflicts, tangling each other. In science, human also faced this kind of diversity, let say in numbering system. I believe that most of us learn base of 10 numbering system which 7 + 7 is 14 and 15 + 15 is 30. But there are many ways to represent a number, in octal systems, 7 + 7 is 16 and 15 + 15 is 32. Eventually human race overcome with decimal system in most case, but can you wonder how’s the feeling of octal followers read decimal system, will they say, “Hell no, you’re wrong!” ? At the beginning, they might be, but later, they accept both of them, why? because they understand the basic of those numbering systems, both are correct, it’s only difference of perspective.

As a closing, thinking religion as heritage, similar to baby sacrificing culture which is a heritage in Toraja, South Sulawesi, do you think it still applicable these days? Not every value of heritage has to be applied to our life and do what can make this world, humanity better. 

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