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2016: Highlights and Heartbreaks

Another year is about to over and here I would like to write about how I’ve spent my life through 2016. At the beginning, 2016 was like to be a great year. January 2016 was the 9th month I’d been work where I was getting close to friends in office. There I also begin to know Java better than ever and full of spirit about making any java application like web service and android. But everything wasn’t going as in mind, many issues occurred inside and leading to company instability.

During unstable period, some employees choose to leave and let the company getting more upset. At this point, I felt that the situation will slowing down my own learning process. Knowing it’s not good, then I decide to find another job. After month of seeking, I put my faith at Ninja Van as my second company. I offered to be a QA engineer which means it will be a new experience.

April, I went fishing to north of Pamanukan, it takes about 6 hours from Jakarta to the coast, and another 4 hours from there to fishing spot. There was many oil refineries owned by Pertamina. It become our hot spot since many fish is attracted to light coming from it. It’s certainly become another new experience for me to float in the middle of sea :p.


May is coming, where a new hope is laid. My first day in Ninja Van came with being sent to Singapore to get closer with every Ninja’s things. Such an opportunity to meet with many developers across country. Meanwhile I also took a bite for SGD 3.5 famous egg tart in ION Orchard. After a week of business trip then I back to Indonesia and hands on front-end development using angular JS. It was outside the scope with the planned job desk, but with help from some friends I could catch up quickly. Even 3 weeks later, I asked to went on another business trip get every puzzle ordered since Ninja might still an early company yet the system is grown big enough. I put that extra opportunity to know more about my company and surely explore Singapore more.

On June, there came another incident, my phone got snatched right in front of my eyes. Nothing to regret just lessons learned. Thanks to the thief so I can put more lines on my 2016 log.

July, Indonesia got it’s longest national holiday ever in 2016, I spent it with my family and went to Dago, Bandung. There’s a forest conservation called Taman Hutan Raya Juanda. It’s a very good place for hiking and enjoy the nature. It took about 3 hours for a complete course (excluding the way back).

Taman Hutan Raya Juanda
Villa at Ubud, Bali


Between October and November, I spent a week in Bali with high school friends. We visited Mt. Batur, did rafting, visit Nusa Penida Island, and even poop in the woods! One of most craziest experience ever.

Legend of Heroes: Trailsof Cold Steel 2 – END

And finally December came to wrap up the year! This month, I come with one half baked android apps, a cinema schedule checker named My CGV. The development actually started from middle of this year, but after several code changes, finally it can be released with decent feature this month. Hooray! The apps itself is created using some most leading 3rd party libs like rxJava, dagger 2, and retrofit. Please kindly check it out :). And for the last, me and some besties did meet up to close 2016 perfectly.

Happy New Year !!


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  1. Andika Kurniawan Avatar

    Why are you strong fishing in long time ?


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