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Can You Believe Your Eyes?

Ever wonder how we can see something in front of us?
Is it real?
Can we believe with our eyes?

Everything we saw was a representation of every light in different frequency enter our eyes. Our eyes receive signal from environment in form of visible lights ( 380 nm – 750 nm). When we see things with red colors, it means that thing absorb every light with wavelength beside 720nm -750nm but do reflect it. So everything we see was a reflection from a thing or a light that produced by a thing. From that conclusion, there will be a problem when we move at light like speed.

Light can be represented as both particle (with mass and dimension) and as a wave (wave properties). So suppose that light (photon) as a ball which moving to a wall (our eyes), there will be a difference between when our eyes are move away from the balls and when our eyes are stand still.

So what happened if we move away from the ball at the same speed as it is? Our eyes will only see the same thing forever, or we can say that our time is stopped. That was the most extreme condition, but think if we move half of speedlight so the light still able to reach us but with a longer duration, than what we see was something that happened on the past! So can we believe in our eyes?

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