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How Tree Got Its Masses

Tress is one of the biggest thing that take place on our earth. Ever thinking how the tress in front of your house become so big and have a massive mass? Where are the mass come from? Put it in your mind and try to find it !


As Antoine Lavoisier said that mass in a closed system will be always has a same amount, so with the trees! In early 1960’s, a scientist Jan Baptist van Helmont try to figure out where the mass on tree is coming from. He make an experiment by measure a mass of soil and planted a plant over it. After take care the tree over 5 year, he pull it off and measure the soil’s mass. He found that the mass of soil is decrease a bit but not so much that the tree gain. SO where’s it came from?

The answer is from our breathe residue and LIGHT. It can grow up by doing photosynthetic. Awesome isn’t it? As we learned on school that tree can make its own food. It take water from soil and make a reaction between it and Carbon Dioxide from air plus light energy from the sun. So that’s it, thank you for read this article 🙂 have a nice day!


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