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Internship at Batam, June 2013

Like everybody did, I have to take internship as requirement to finish my study. In my school, the duration of internship should be at least 2 months. As electrical engineering student, it wasn’t easy to find one. There was hard to find company or industry which engaged in electronic field since Indonesia was still developing country. It would be a pity if i worked for something that I didn’t interested at.

Batam After did some search, I found a company which worked in semiconductor research. It was located at Batam Island. Batam Island is part of Kepulauan Riau State and located in west Indonesia. We able to reach this place by plane, there is international airport which is called Hang Nadim Airport (BTH). It takes about 1 hour to get there from Jakarta. Actually this place is really far from Bandung which is my living place, but I and my friends decide to go there. At least we could go, run away to Singapore if Batam itself is too boring :p.

As planned, we get in Batam at 3rd July 2013. The first impression after get there was “It’s HOT!!”. Yeah that’s my very first impression, the weather was really hot. It was about 34 degree Celcius. I hope there will be air conditioner in my living place, hopefully……

After a while We were picked up by some employees from our company. Oh actually our internship place wasn’t a company, it was a national institute which need some engineer to work at their new semiconductor laboratory. It seems very interesting at first. It takes about 20 minutes from Airport to our apartment. They said it was apartment for teacher and professor who teach at that institute, so I thought there would be enough facilities like internet, air conditioner, laundry. Unfortunately all my thought are wrong, I only face big dirty empty room without anything. Oh it wasn’t good at all. After see the facts, I only thinking it would be hard to stay there for 2 months :)), but what to do, I already took this route and could’t move back. So  let’s do the best for next 2 months, beside that, I wasn’t alone, there still 10 more friends nearby me :).

For the details, please go to this post

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3 responses to “Internship at Batam, June 2013”

  1. Greetings Kak Felix,

    Currently, i’m looking for an internship to fulfill my schools. By the way, I think both of we come from the same university, could you please tell me more about your internship experience in Batam? What is the name of the institute? how to apply there?



    1. Hi Shalahuddin, are you coming from ITB, Bandung too? Last time I was positioned in polytechnic Batam for 2 month, at that time Polytechnic Batam got some new IC manufacturing machine so me and some of students invited to see how IC was manufactured. Anyway I just realized that the article is incomplete haha, let me create another post of the details of my internship experience. 🙂


  2. […] the last post I realized that the content is just the beginning, so here I will put the details on how the […]


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